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The Shalom II is advertised as an "all-you-can-eat-ribs" and "best ribs in town". If you like spare ribs, then you will love this restaurant. The ribs are marinated in a secret recipe which tastes great and the ribs have so much meat on them, you forget they are ribs entirely. Back in the U.K. our spare ribs seem like leftovers in comparison. From the ribs through to their Cordon Bleu, everything tasted great, and it was obvious to all that the food was freshly prepared in the kitchens too.

If you do have the "all-you-can-eat" ribs, the waiting staff regular check back with you to see if you need topping up. No need to even ask for more!

Everybody thoroughly enjoyed their meal here and we can heartily recommend it.

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Directions from Casa de Sonhos

The restaurant is just set back from the Old Town square. If you take a taxi to the Bus Station side of town, then walk down towards the square, you'll notice the road fork off to the right where there are a number of restaurants lining an alleyway. Follow this alley and you'll find Shalom II on the right-hand side.


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