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This is an Italian restaurant near the Fishermans' Beach. It has a very unique look and feel inside the restaurant which I can only describe as boutique-ish. Its very pelasant inside with very friendly and helpful staff.

You can actually see the chefs in the kitchens preparing the food, which always bolsters my confidence in an eatery.

All the food we received was freshly made on site, and we all thoroughly enjoyed everything we ordered. When the bill arrived, we were all pleasantly surprised at the very average price. You feel as though you were eating at a much more costly establishment than you were.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the food here, and the prices were impressively low. We'll continue to visit this restaurant regularly.

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  • meatballs
  • inside
  • food
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Directions from Casa de Sonhos

Take a taxi to the Fishermans' Beach taxi rank. From here walk straight towards the beach up rue Afonso III. You'll find the restaurant at the top of the hill on your right hand side.


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